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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Beyond Parody II

That's it. Down tools. We're on strike. How can we be expected to write a parody blog under working conditions like this?

Tom Watson's monkey boys at Lib Dem Watch have now joined forced with UKIP to declare their outrage that the tiny bit of hard disk space that Jody Dunn's website lives on is in Germany. You'd think the internet had never been invented. You'd think Labour weren't proud defenders of the EU WHO CAUSED THIS FECKIN' BY-ELECTION BY SENDING MANDELSON OFF TO BRUSSELS! To do what? Promote EU trade! You'd think it was even vaguely interesting, rather than just deeply sad. Jesus wept!

You can almost see the tongues lolling out of their mouths as they type this drivel out. How are we supposed to realistically take the piss out of something so face-slappingly moronic as this? Point out that the software is from (gasp!) the US, and is used by both LDW and The Comical One himself? Point out that, in any case, it is open source and therefore not creating any jobs in Hartlepus? Point out that UKIP's blogs are on servers based in the US? Point out that... oh, never mind. We give up.

Seriously. We have some standards. Until you spotty oiks sort yourselves out and start basing your drooling rants on something vaguely resembling Planet Earth, We're going to do something more productive instead. Like point at you and laugh.

You have been warned.

The Authors.


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