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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Nadia: The Wright choice for Hartlepool

Nadia is a saint of a woman! Rather than spend her first day as the official New La'abour candidate kneecapping Liberaldem Infidel, she took her son out to see the football! This was not the act of a half-assed candidate who didn't really fancy her chances and wasn't going to put herself out for an unwinnable by-election, oh no! It was the act of a loving mother!!! Like it. Like it a lot.

Not like that spiteful witch of the Liberaldem Infidel, who I have promised not to mention. She has abandoned her children in a vicious, yet futile pursuit of a parliamentary seat. These Liberaldems lack basic family values!!! They make me sick - I spit at them!!!!


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