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Sunday, August 01, 2004

I offer you a truce! Accept it!!

The Liberaldem curs continue to vex us. They are foolish if they believe they can defeat us in the Labour Holy City of Hartlepus.

But I offer a truce. A truce that the dogs do not deserve, but we are merciful. If the liberaldems run away back to their mummies, we will not humiliate with pain and votes and hit them with shoes.

Tony Blair is a fair man, and I urge you to accept this. Do not be a fool to yourselves!


  • At 21 August 2004 at 18:29, Blogger Gainford Man said…

    Comical Thomas

    Is you a wuss? I ask that you tell me who to vote for and you ain't manning your own phone.

    You tell me the Liberal Dems is scum like these rebels in Iraq, I say, why is they scum? This lidy Miss Jody, hot shot lawyer, from GAINFORD, man - she's OK.

    You can't handle this, then I go to the opposition. This woman knows where it's at.


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