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Monday, August 02, 2004

Further revelations about the liberaldem infidel

I have grave news. Today, I have learnt that all the liberaldem infidel come from London! Yes, all the people they have running their campaign in Hartlepus spend most of their time working in the same office smoking crack in that den of iniquity, and that includes all the ones who "seem" to be from other places. The wicked swine fake their accents to make people think they are from elsewhere! When they are not writing their vicious lies about Tony Blair, they have wild orgies and go around spraying graffiti everywhere.

No true La'abour supporter would ever spend any time in such a vile place as London. Even I, as a Member of Parliament, have never been there! In fact, I can reveal, we all come from Hartlepus, and always have. It is vile lies from the liberaldem infidel to pretend otherwise. I can prove this!

Once again, I challenge the liberaldem infidel to come out and show us what they are made of. Come to The Causeway and we will fight like men! You must do this!!!

UPDATE: There are no Liberaldem Infidels in The Causeway. Never! I will take you there and show you. IN ONE HOUR!


  • At 13 August 2004 at 16:15, Blogger Gainford Man said…

    Gainford Man speaks as he finds. Mr Tom Watson stands up for the rights of ordinary Labour Party MPs. This is as it should be. He is only doing his job.

    It is hard not to be impressed by his explanation of party policy. He has an answer for everything.

    Man of Gainford (Gainford Man)


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