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Monday, August 02, 2004

Liberaldems flee from Hartlepus!

Ignore reports that the Liberaldem infidel are in Hartlepus - they have already fled in terror! We challenged them to a fight on Saturday, and they did not turn up! They run like little girls!

The Liberaldem dogs know that Tony Blair is too powerful for them. They talk tough, but we will hit them with shoes.


  • At 15 August 2004 at 20:25, Blogger Gainford Man said…

    It's all very well kicking out the Libdems - there's only about as many of them as there are paid up members of the New Labour Party round here.

    Forget about Peter Mandelssohn cosying up to the miner's vote.

    OK so Comical Tommy Blair kicks out the LibDems. What about the rest of us? That's the ones that don't want to see our money getting wasted on tanks and bombshells and helicopters in a useless Carry On Up The War.

    We know who to vote for all right. Old Labour. But where the F is Old Labour?

    But I can't see me voting for the Old Toadies Party, and like as hell, Anthony William Blair doesn't get my vote. As for Lord Kilroy Kitchener? Stuff it.

    Lad, tell us who to vote for.


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