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Sunday, August 29, 2004

More vicious lies!

I see the Liberaldem Infidel has a new weblog. What kind of a joke politician runs a weblog? Only self-serving, duplicitious, wicked people who spread lies, that's who!

You wouldn't find La'abour candidate Nadia Wright running a weblog, I can tell you.

The most vile and wicked aspect of this despicable blog is that it doesn't mention anything about politics. This is a disgrace! I hope she doesn't foolishly think that running an entire other website about politics lets her off the hook. This is a disgraceful, shameless act of dumbing down politics. I am disgusted! I can feel the bile rising in my throat!!!!

Elsewhere, I see that the "Birmingham Post" is claiming that I have admitted being sacked on this website. More wicked lies! I have only ever denied being sacked. Have they no shame?

Of course I was not the campaign manager in Hartlepool, and never was. And the fact that EVERY SINGLE NEWSPAPER IN THE COUNTRY thought I was was due to wicked infiltration by the Infidel. This is a disgrace.

Incidently, some people have commented that I am obsessed with the Liberaldems. This is more rubbish spread by them. In fact, just to prove it, I have put up an article on my other weblog and not mentioned them once. The fact that it was inspired by a news item about the Liberaldems is a mere coincidence, I can assure you.


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